Can Supplements Cause Liver Damage?

ben bunting BA(Hons) PgCert Sport & Exercise Nutriton  Written by Ben: BA(Hons), PGCert. Sport & Exercise Nutrition. L2 Strength & Conditioning Coach.

One of the primary reasons that people decide not to take supplements is because of a lack of knowledge. A lack of knowledge alongside misinformation can be dangerous in its way. For example, probably, you aren’t familiar with what supplements even are and what they can do for your health.

That’s more than likely what has brought you to this article. Rest assured, that by the end of it you will find that you have more knowledge on the subject, to allow you to make your own informed decisions.

Throughout this article, you should pick up some advice on what supplements can do for you and the reason that you would use them, especially in regards to your liver’s health. Here are the topics that will be covered:

  • Different Types Of Supplements
  • Why You Would Choose To Use Them
  • Health Concerns
  • Liver Concerns
  • Different Ways You Can Take Supplements
  • Vitamins And Healthy Living
  • Conclusion

These topics cover all things supplement so that you are more informed. If you still have questions, then you should consider contacting Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd so that you can find out more about the products.

Different Types Of Supplements

Firstly, let’s discuss the different types of supplements that you can get. They can come in a few different shapes and sizes, from fertility assistance to protein building. Arguably one of the most popular and common types of supplements comes in the form of dietary support. This is where you can get a boost of nutrients to enhance your diet through the form of taking pills, having powder or protein in liquid form.

Many gym-goers choose to use these types of supplements to boost their muscle-building progress and support their body. That’s because a lot of protein supplements are used to aid in the recovery process, which helps the body’s cells and muscle fibers repair which can actively help with recovery so you can perform again sooner and harder.

Of course, you will still need to warm down after exercising alongside engaging with protein supplements to get the most out of your body. You should take them in moderation, as with all things in life, but research shows that best results for those who lead an active lifestyle should consume around 2g per kilogram of body weight daily with no adverse side effects.

Another popular type of supplement comes in the form of fertility boosters. Men and women can be infertile for several reasons, from a low sperm count to damaged fallopian tubes. For men, they will be able to look into fertility solutions that look to boost testosterone. Testosterone has a major part to play in the production of sperm within the testes.

Why You Would Choose To Use Them?

The reason you would choose to use these supplements will come down to a personal decision. In some other cases, your doctor or health authority may suggest taking some supplements to boost a certain area of your health as sometimes your lifestyle may not be able to support a nutritious diet of unprocessed foods or even getting enough sunlight.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that supplements work, and there is likely someone in your life that you know who currently takes it. That’s why it’s important to research which supplements you may need and what you can enhance your health or performance with.

You should consider speaking to a medical professional first to find out what your options are and if supplements will work for you, but always consider a ‘food first’ approach, by this we mean to try and get all the nutrients your body needs from wholesome foods before you start loading up on supplements.

Health Concerns

Of course, you may have some health concerns related to taking supplements, but it’s important to note that these supplements are here to aid your health and not trouble them. However, you shouldn’t use supplements as a direct replacement for food, as your body will still need to process food naturally. This just helps to enhance it, depending on your goals. For instance whilst a bodybuilder would benefit from creatine, an endurance runner would find more use in caffeine or nitrates. Furthermore, an older person would benefit from vitamin D and calcium to aid bone health.

There are a variety of vitamins you could take for your body, including multivitamins that contain vitamins D, K, and A. These types of vitamins, alongside certain minerals, help to keep your bones and joints healthy and strong.

Liver Concerns

Coming to the main point of this article, related to the concerns of your liver when taking supplements. The good news is that as long as you’re following the intake guide of your supplements and you have no pre-existing condition as cleared by your doctor, then you will be good to go.

You should be aware that certain substances can form toxicity within your body, even natural ones so you have to be sure that what you are taking is well researched and from a reputable company.

Furthermore, while some supplements even as harmless as vitamins will enhance your health, they have to be taken in moderation because megadosing some vitamins and minerals such as iron can be harmful, so always read the label. That said, even drinking too much water (hyponatremia) can lead to health complications and even death.

Different Ways You Can Take Supplements

Supplements can come in different forms. This can be anything from shakes, sports beverages, energy bars, gels, gummies, or even a mouth rinse. However, one of the most common is supplement pills and tablets, some of which are now vegan friendly as opposed to using gelatin.

It will largely come down to you on how you want to take them, either through personal preference or for whatever is comfortable for you. Sometimes getting enough calories and nutrients for your exercise requirements can be difficult from solid foods, therefore shakes, carbohydrate drinks and pills can help support your nutritional needs with more convenience.

If you’re unsure, consider trying different variations to find your ideal supplements. The pill form is usually the easiest to get used to, as you can take it on its own, with water or even in food. Some people even crush the pill to mix into their food too.

Vitamins And Healthy Living

For you to live a healthy life, you will need to maintain a balance of your nutritional intake that is crucial to your body to maintain homeostasis. That’s why you should be careful of mixing prescribed medication with supplements, as you could topple the scale. Vitamins that you need include vitamin D, which helps your body with absorbing calcium or zinc to regulate prostate health.


To conclude, vitamins and supplements can go a long way in boosting your overall health, with your body requiring these to function in the best way.

For supplements that you take for muscle-building reasons, you should ensure you are eating the right food and doing a good amount of exercise to complement it. If you aren’t working out with these supplements, then your body won’t have anything to recover from and fix. You should always speak to a doctor before taking anything and checking your medical history to find if there are any complications.

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