Est., 2019. London & Houston.

Mil-Tech Pharma was established in 2019 as a response to many dietary supplements on the market which include a wide array of ingredients that have little or no scientific backing to increase performance or provided the required doses outlined in any successful clinical trials.

Furthermore, many of the products available to buy are neither unique nor formulated to high industry standards, yet are widely available to buy across various online marketplaces with little regulation to assure your safety.

Mil-Tech Pharma leads the way…

Our founder has an extensive background in sport, university education, and the military. Products released by Mil-Tech Pharma are subject to extensive research in order to optimize your overall health and performance, on and off the field.

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Functional Formulations

We identify the micronutrients that people are most commonly deficient in which can negatively affect biochemical and physiological functioning, thus impairing multiple parameters of health.

Using a contemporary understanding of phytotherapy, our product range then utilizes the power of clinically proven natural plant metabolites to enhance various aspects of physical, biological, and mental well-being.


Mil-Tech Pharma is passionate about the safety and the legality of our formulations. Born from sporting and military background means we understand how important these aspects are to our customers.

As a result, manufacturing is only in the United Kingdom and the United States in regulated manufacturing facilities that adhere to a minimum of FDA and cGMP practices.

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Nutrient Profiling

Want a product that works and isn’t prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency? You’ve come to the right place.

We have carefully analyzed each nutrient to ensure it is beneficial, legal, safe, and suitable for plant-based diets. Not only that, we ensure that the doses you receive match those that have demonstrated positive results in clinical trials from reputable sources.


The team at Mil-Tech Pharma is passionate about discovering the latest studies and clinical trials that are published by a variety of reputable sources to satisfy our customers’ thirst for reliable and credible information that will help them excel in their sphere.


We know how important it is to connect and work with those in the field. Mil-Tech Pharma has genuine connections with grassroots sports teams and those serving in the military to achieve a greater understanding of the demands our products face.

Competitive Edge

Our mission is to improve your performance and experience by using updated technologies to create products that will stimulate biochemical and physiological enhancement.


We are not only here to sell a product, but here also to provide accurate and beneficial information to help you get the best from your fitness and wellness aspirations. Our content is researched and written by qualified professionals in their field, at no less than university graduate level.