Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd was established in the spring of 2019 with the intention of providing nutritional supplements to the world based on evidence-informed practices.

This meant being transparent, and honest about the content of our products, and ensuring they are safe for use, fit for purpose, and accessible for all.

Furthermore, Ben, our founder, and spearhead of the company knows the importance of critical thinking when faced with a wealth of studies surrounding the nutrition sphere.

This means only using and referencing studies, information, and media content from reputable and reliable sources, and where possible, utilizing those documents that reach the gold standard principles of research.

By upholding these principles, Mil-Tech Pharma and its brands (Military Muscle and Fertiligy) aim to preserve independence, integrity, and freedom from bias in the gathering and dissemination of information.

Our principles are:

  • Our actions and developments are evidence informed by reputable sources
  • Any information articles are objective, unbiased, and based on information from reputable sources
  • No effort shall be spared to expand and develop our services or knowledge to inform our readership and customers
  • Continual professional development