Dietary Supplements Risks

ben bunting BA(Hons) PgCert Sport & Exercise Nutriton  Written by Ben: BA(Hons), PGCert. Sport & Exercise Nutrition. L2 Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Every day, we see commercials for dietary supplements on TV or online where we are told all about their amazing health benefits.

We see them on supermarket shelves and at the checkout at the store, where their packages shout about all the ways they can help you.

They list off their ingredients as if that is proof enough that they can help you with whatever ails you. What you may not see in these commercials and on their websites are the risks that may be involved.

It is easy enough to make these products sound convincing, but if you knew what taking them could do to your health, you might think twice.

If you are taking dietary supplements, you should do your research to make sure that you understand the ingredients, that the company who made them has followed the appropriate guidelines, and that they won’t conflict with any medication or health issues that you might have.

In this article, we will cover the following points

  • Why Do We Take Dietary Supplements?
  • Risk 1: Giving You More Than You Need
  • Risk 2: Combining With Other Medications
  • Risk 3: Safety Standards
  • Risk 4: Empty Stomach
  • Risk 5: The Supplement May Not Do What It Says It Will
  • In Conclusion

Why Do We Take Dietary Supplements?

dietary supplements risks

As the name suggests, most people take supplements because they feel that there is something lacking in their diet. For example, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you may be taking iron supplements to compensate for the amount that red meat and fish might usually provide. This is because the type of iron (non-heme) provided by plant sources is not absorbed as easily by the body.

It is not uncommon for people who spend a lot of time indoors because of their work to think about taking vitamin D supplements because of their lack of sunshine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking supplements. In fact, there are plenty of benefits and scenarios where it can help.

Risk 1: Giving You More Than You Need

It’s always a great marketing tool to announce that your product gives you more than you think you need, but it is important to be careful. Take Vitamin D, for example. It is one of the most popular supplements out there, and it can be very difficult to get as much of it as you should be from food as very few sources contain it, and it is especially important in winter.

But overdoing Vitamin D supplements can have a real impact on your liver. Similarly, if your calcium supplements contain more than the recommended amount, then they could end up settling in your arteries. Mil-Tech Pharma takes care to ensure that the amounts used are safe and will not cause any health issues.

Risk 2: Combining With Other Medications

One of the major risks that you should be aware of if you are taking dietary supplements is that they can have a negative effect if combined with some medications.

That means both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Supplements should come with a note that says to consult your doctor if you are taking medications, and it is very important that you listen to that advice.

Risk 3: The Supplements May Not Have Been Manufactured To Safe Standards

dietary supplements risks

If you are buying a dietary supplement, the first question you need to ask yourself is: who has made this and where has it been made?

There are plenty of great companies out there that have put in the time to research the best possible combination for supplements, whether it’s for physical and mental performance or virility. But there are ways that less scrupulous manufacturers find to get around the kind of checks that we would hope for.

In the US, for example, because the FDA is not allowed to check any products before they are marketed, it is up to the manufacturer to make sure that they are safe and are following the necessary codes. That means that safety issues may be flagged, but potentially not until a real issue has been noticed. Mil-Tech Pharma products are made to meet the safety standards of the US and UK official guidelines such as the Food Law of the Food Safety Act of 1990.

Risk 4: Empty Stomach

If you are one of those people who like to take their pills first thing in the morning, it is very important that you have something to eat before you do so.

There are several side effects that can occur if you have nothing in your stomach for the supplement to react with, including nausea, lethargy, rashes, cramps, bloating, and toilet issues. Don’t take supplements on an empty stomach.

Risk 5: The Supplement May Not Do What It Says It Will

This risk is obviously less severe than a serious health issue, but it is an important factor to be aware of. Many companies out there will sell you on the idea that this is a supplement you need. When actually it can be contaminated with either banned or dangerous substances.

They will be vague and generic, and they will tell you that they will help you feel better, brighter, and so on.

That can often be because making a supplement that works and does what it says it is going to do takes a lot more time and effort, so some companies just buy a ready-made ‘off-the-shelf formula’ and stick a label on the bottle. These are called private label supplements and are not worth your time or money.

If you are looking for a dietary supplement to help with a specific issue, then make sure that you do your research and find a company that can show it’s working.

They should be able to demonstrate the process they went through to reach their formula. Mil-Tech Pharma’s Military Muscle was made in consultation with athletes and military personnel. Their expertise helped to create a product that does what it says on the bottle.

In Conclusion

While there are risks to taking dietary supplements, many of them can be avoided by doing your research and finding a company like Mil-Tech Pharma that has done the due diligence and can demonstrate that it has matched the protocols laid out to ensure safety. It is also important to remember that there are certain steps that you need to take to avoid any nasty surprises. You can read how to safely buy supplements online.

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